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Call it a

"low-risk investment".

These aren't sketches, these are drawings. They are originals. I'm not selling the rights to them, I'm selling the flesh-and-blood drawings for twenty dollars indiscriminately. I imagine doing this sale for six months. After six, I may reconsider extending it for a year, though I don't imagine going beyond that time. I want to draw freely in combination with the different projects I take on this year. These will be apart of the "drawing freely" objective. Art is a difficult market, there is no sure-fire formula, and perhaps there shouldn't be either. Many a time, I thought, "now, it will be easy from here on out." I've been reminded that this is plainly not true. Even with my successes. This '20 dollar drawing' campaign is a version of an idea I remember having as early as 2014. It's difficult because it involves parting with an artist's most precious tangible asset, his ORIGINAL WORK, but this is life and We must make decisions and take risks, and PUT OUR OWN SKIN IN THE GAME. I am among people who struggle. I've never really been a man of many dollars, either. This is for people who do appreciate art among other pursuits that require a skilled human hand, they like quality, are thoughtful too, and have at least one foot on the ground. Twenty dollars plus shipping and handling for a segment of my attention during this year of continued work on the path and career line of a visual artist. This isn't an attempt to reinvent the wheel, I am taking existing systems and utilizing them to appeal to your reason, and common sense. I don't want you to change in order to understand what I do. I wish to meet you where you are, or at least, where you may be likely found:

on a common level.

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